Friday, September 20, 2013

The factory

Every once in awhile, I bring out my letter-making "tools" and get started on a handmade card. The process is not usually as neat as in the pictures, but today the sun was out (sun = source of energy, productivity, and good pictures) and my desk was less cluttered than usual. 

My letter-making tools:
1. Paper (I often rip out a page from my sketchbook)
2. Watercolor paint & brushes
3. Colored pencils
4. Stamps
5. Fabric tape
6. Envelopes (I bought a bunch of brown envelopes from MUJI)
7. String or ribbons (if I'm feeling fancy)
8. A good pen!

Writing letters can be a daunting task, especially since my hands are much more used to typing out emails or texts rather than writing with pen and paper. But knowing there is a cute, little envelope waiting to be stuffed with a letter is quite motivating, and so is giving someone a handmade letter of course. It would be nice to find a penpal. :3


  1. Heck yes, I totally agree with you. At the most stressful times I find myself fabricating something nice with paper-ware, I'm really into stamps and doing fancy stuff with masking tape. Your watercolorthing looks so pretty, and I'm totally looking for an alphabet stamp set like the one you have.

  2. Ooh so pretty! And your desk does look quite neat, haha. I love the idea of handwritten cards and letters but my writing is so ugly, I ruin everything I touch...

  3. I love even the thought of pen pals!

    You have such a neat desk, I wish I could say the same thing with mine.

  4. I love these photos, so bright and pretty. I can't remember the last time I sent a letter. It's all email and text messages nowadays :(

  5. love your desk and ah! Penpal-ing sounds like a brilliant thing to do :)

  6. Hey, I just stumbled across you blog and think it's really cute :) Great idea by the way.

    - LJ

  7. so cute! you're so creative!

  8. Lovely blog!! For sure following! Check mine out if you get a chance! :)

  9. you have the nicest work space.

  10. Lovely :)